2013.05.20 --- CF-Auto-Root

SuperSU: v1.30


GT-I9300: CF-Auto-Root-m0-m0xx-gti9300.zip
GT-I9300T: CF-Auto-Root-m0-m0du-gti9300t.zip
GT-I9305: CF-Auto-Root-m3-m3zh-gti9305.zip
GT-I9305T: CF-Auto-Root-m3-m3dv-gti9305t.zip
GT-I9305N: CF-Auto-Root-m3-m3swexx-gti9305n.zip

SHV-E210K: CF-Auto-Root-c1ktt-c1ktt-shve210k.zip
SHV-E210L: CF-Auto-Root-c1lgt-c1lgt-shve210l.zip
SHV-E210S: CF-Auto-Root-c1skt-c1skt-shve210s.zip

SHW-M440S: CF-Auto-Root-m0skt-m0skt-shwm440s.zip

--- History ---

2013.05.20: SuperSU v1.30
2013.02.20: SuperSU v1.05
2012.12.02: SuperSU v0.98
2012.10.26: SuperSU v0.96
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