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PowerManagerService = app wakelocks.

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It is confirmed that the Nexus 10 will contain the Exynos 5 Dual, will it help to the development of CM10 on our device?

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i see things like HWcomposer didnt we need this ?
Whoa. That **** is new. Could be something interesting to play with this weekend. Unknown.

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Thanks, ironically the only new app I installed since this issue started is BBQ Tools. Anyone else seeing battery drain and running this app? Prior to the flash of 20121015 and installing this app I had no issues with battery drain at all.

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Use BBS to see what is using data. Seriously, anyone posting here about wakelocks without complete information (kernel and userspace wakelocks, data usage of apps if any data-related wakelocks show) shouldn't be posting here...
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