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When using OblyTile for Win8 after I make a tile and click on it I get an error (see attachment).

I've used OblyTile before just fine. This started happening after I did a system refresh.

Seems like something went wrong with your system refresh, i refreshed my system more than 2 times, OblyTile keep works without problems.
The problem in this case is the Windows Scripting Host.

Try this:
1) Create a tile with OblyTile.
2) Open the folder C:\Program Files\OblyTile\00000000
3) Right Click on Launcher
4) Open With -> Choose Default Program
5) Select "Microsoft Windows Based Script Host"

Example Picture:
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If the problem persists, try this:
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I found the problematic key:

This contained the problematic SystemRoot key in the default value. Changing this value to "wscript "%1" %*" solved the situation. Now double clicking works, the tiles respond again and even the default program shows up as the expected "Microsoft Windows Based Script Host".
Hope this helps.