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2nd November 2012, 03:12 PM |#6  
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I believe we have to take the Arndale board numbers with pinch of salt. It's a dev board, and I doubt it has optimized drivers for the SoC like it's expected for N10. Samsung has this habit of optimizing the drivers with further updates.

SGS2 makes for a good case study. When it was launched in MWC2011, it's numbers were really pathetic. It was even worse than Tegra2.

Anand ran benchmark on the pre-release version of SGS2 on MWC2011, check this:

It was showing less than Tegra2 numbers! It was that bad initially.

Then look when Anand finally reviewed the device after few months:

Egypt (native resolution) numbers went up by 3.6x and Pro also got 20% higher. Now they could have been higher if not limited by vsync. GLbenchmark moved from 2.0 to 2.1 during that phase, but I am sure this would not make such a big difference in numbers.

If you again check the numbers now for SGS2, it's again another 50% improvement in performance from the time Anand did his review.

Check this SGS2 numbers now:

This is just to show that how driver optimization can have a big affect on the performance. My point is that we have to wait for proper testing on final release of N10 device.

Also, check the fill rate properly in the Arndale board test. It's much less than what is expected. ARM says that Mali-T604 clocked at 500MHz should get a fill rate of 2 GPixels/s. It's actually showing just about 60% of what it should be delivering.

Samsung has clocked the GPU @ 533MHz. So, it shouldn't be getting so less.

According to Samsung, it more like 2.1 GPixels/s:

Fill rate is a low-level test, and there shouldn't be such a big difference from the quoted value. Let's wait and see how the final device shapes up.
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