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6th March 2009, 04:25 PM |#793  
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I tried to summaries the bugs & fixes starting from #651 up to #690

mp4 media player

Use TotalCommander and create a txt file in the root of the device, make sure something (doesnt matter what) is in

it (ie put the word "temp" in it)

Save it as Tmp.mp4, and then set it to Read Only, System.

Video now works fine in album and WMP.

or use this

get rid of the courier font in the sub menus

Go and install EZInput v2 keyboard.
It's NOT another keyboard, it's the same that's in the rom. At least I don't see any difference. I installed it

because I wanted the german sip layout. The menu fonts were set back to Manila 3 default with it, though I didn't

mind the courier style fonts.

error when opening html or xml files or RSS Hub "Read more online..." links :
"The file "<name of file>" cannot be opened


You have to change following registry keys :
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\_htmlfile_Opera\Shell\Open\Comma nd
Changed the Default value from '\Windows\OperaL.exe" %1' to '\Windows\OperaL.exe %1' = remove the double quote.
Perhaps there are other values to change, but thanks to that change, you will be able to open html files, and http

links as links from RSS Hub!

Customize Weather Data, add every city in Manila 3.

1. uncheck TouchFlo 3D (Settings\Personal\Today\Items)
2. copy "2330fc3c_manila" file from \Windows to your desktop
3. remove write protection from "2330fc3c_manila"
4. edit "2330fc3c_manila" with "sqliteadmin" and add your city
5. copy the new "2330fc3c_manila" back to \Windows
6. add the following new string to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HTC\Manila

Value name: Weather.ServerURLOverride
Value data:

7. delete "forecast_cache.db" in \Application Data\HTC\databases
8. uncheck TouchFlo 3D (Settings\Personal\Today\Items)

Thatīs it, now you can add your city.

To stop the rotation manually:

using registery editor (TRE included wih the rom)

go to HKCU\Software\HTC\HTCSENSOR\GSensor
then change the value for the string AutoRotation to be 0 instead of 1
1= on auto roation
0=off auto rotaion

or you can edit the white list from the registry by adding/removing the application you dont want to be included in

the auto rotation from
then remove the application you dont want the g-sensor to take control off ( thanks to Bro taiseer999)

change the right Softkey to link to the Programs tab again



Phone->Contacts is linked to the ugly default Windows Contact Manager and not to the new Topaz Contact Manager.

Remap Manila softkeys with Regedit/Resco Reg Editor:
HomeRSKPath, (which is the right softkey

If you change these with the location of the programs you want to link to, and simultaneous change the names:
HomeLSKText = Left softkey text
HomeRSKText = Right softkey text.

For TF3D Contacts Sub-Page:

HomeRSKPath: "\windows\manila.exe"
HomeRSKText: "Contacts"
HomeRSKArguments: "--switchtopage" <---You have to create this extra registry...

***Same goes to anybody wanting to change the right soft key back to TF3D "Programs Tab" :

HomeRSKPath: "\windows\manila.exe"
HomeRSKText: "Programs"
HomeRSKArguments: "--switchtopage" <---Remember, you have to create this extra registry...

same goes to the othe tabs :

when i tap the signal icon. it does not appear the edge/3g connection status and i cant diable the connection.

fix it by setting "end key" under settings->buttons to "terminate data connection". there is also the option under

settind->phone->data to disable connection when device enter in sleep mode.


problem with call ID. i found that when i dial or receive a call that is not in my contact list, then on the call screen, the picture is missing and only show the number.

I'm experiencing problem with Fring. It installs but can't start

enjoy it or scratch it