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V1.0 Released! 11-20-2012
- Initial Release

v2.0 Released 1-1-2013
- Major Overhaul
- Users can now select their own recovery, kernel and unlock_code.bin. You no longer need to place it in a the data folder. Just browse for it
- Removed a lot of .bat scripts and integrated it in the program
- Replaced SuperSU with SuperUser
- Added a few links
- Added ADB sideload
- Updated APK Batch Installer Tool to v1.4.1
* Developer of AIO Toolkits: Amaze 4G / Sensation 4G / Vivid / Rezound / MyTouch 4G Slide / One X (TEGRA3) / One S / One V / Evo 4G LTE / Droid Incredible 4G LTE / Wildfire S / Desire X / One X (Evita) / One X+ / Droid DNA *
* QX Series ROMs: Dinc4GLTE / One X+ *

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