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29th November 2012, 09:46 AM |#366  
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More details about RENOVATE Gaming Boost JellyBean v1.0

This version is suitable for most HTC phones including the HTC One X+
  • Sets supercharger's max memory minfree values (8, 16, 200, 220, 240, 275), when turned off it returns to stock ICS/JB values (32, 40, 28, 56, 64, 80)
  • Optimizes HTC's ondemand governor to greatly reduce random CPU stalls, turning boost ON will always switch you to ondemand governor with the tweaked values, turning boost OFF will also switch you back to ondemand governor with it's original stock values (this will also help you apply the performance tip below)
  • Unlinks the GPU from the CPU in 3D mode, that is when gaming if the CPU chooses to drop down, the GPU will keep using the upper clock (3d scaling off)
  • It will Attempt to set GPU520 for kernels using Franco's GPU interface
  • Does not attempt to change the scheduler, every kernel has it's own choice of schedulers, you can still set your favorite scheduler outside this app (using scripts or SetCPU)
  • It will not touch the CPU clocks, on stock JB ROM you can choose between 1300mhz and 1500mhz using the stock powersaver mode, on custom kernels you can still OC (using scripts or SetCPU)

I've attached the stock script version for those who might face issues with custom ROMs like ARHD, if the app doesn't pause when enabling boost or never asks for root you will need to flash this file

If you like to install the app without recovery just unpack the apk and install it

This version was optimized for HTC's stock JB OTA and Kernel, check the Stock HTC JB Kernel 3.14.x.24 review

PowerSaver mode
With HTC powersaver's CPU mode turned off, the device will use up to 1500mhz single and 1400mhz quad core, sadly for some rare quad enabled games like shadowgun this might cause random performance drops when the game calls the single core 1500 step
Enabling HTC powersaver's CPU mode will lock the device to 1300mhz quad core, effectively its a quad lock but slightly slower with less heat and battery consumption
Experiment with your game to find which mode works best along with game boost

Locking the quad
Simply set the CPU clock to 1400 on boot and it will stick, the powersaver mode will switch between 1300 and 1400, both quad modes without the buggy single core 1500 step
Place the attached 99CPU1400.txt script in etc/init.d folder, remove .txt extension and set all permissions, reboot
If this doesn't work or you are using a kernel without init.d support, simply use SetCPU, change the clock to 1400 and set on boot

Aggressive Performance tip
You can go further if you want to force max possible performance, unlike ICS, JB kernel allows the performance governor to use full quad, so you can enable boost ON and then switch to performance governor using your favorite SetCPU app, with powersaver off the device will use up to 1400mhz quad cores and idle around two cores 1200mhz, with powersaver on it will use up to 1300mhz quad cores and idle around two cores 1200mhz, naturally this tip will cause extra heat and battery drain, once you are done disable game boost and you will switch back to stock ondemand governor
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