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How Deep sleep Battery Saver works

ATTENTION: As many of you have the issue of WiFi does not come back, we changed default User Present as uncheck. This may make Wifi/data turn on when screen on, but not unlock.

Deepsleep battery saver constantly puts the device to deepsleep mode while screen off. During deepsleep mode, Wifi, 3G are turned off, background apps are stopped. Therefore, most apps are not working, including Facebook, Google Service, etc,. It then constantly wakes up in order to download email, sync Facebook status, etc, which is defined by deepsleep frequency and woke up duration

By constantly put device into deepsleep mode, we will save battery life due to no Internet connection, and therefore most of network-based apps, such as Facebook, Gmail will not work.

Caution: during deepsleep mode on, this app may disrupt your normal activities, such as your email notification comes with larger delay.
In advanced mode, you can customize more parameters, including day/night settings, active period, screen timeout, sync strategy, ignored apps, etc,.

How to work Deepsleep Battery Saver

There are 5 pre-defined profiles: Gentle, Balance, Strong, Aggressive, Slumberer. They varies on frequency, duration and other settings. The former is less disruptive, but save less battery and vise versa. These 5 profiles are read-only and you can not change it. If you need more twist on app's settings, Select custom profile and modify them

Profile settings
  • A profile is divided into 2 period: weekday vs weekend
  • For each period, a profile includes following parameters
    • Frequency: The device is turned on deepsleep mode at a selected frequency
    • Duration: The device is woke up after for a selected duration after a each frequency cycle
    • Wileless & Network: Control radio setting during deepsleep on
    • Sync: Control sync strategy and sync account
    • Apps: Select apps that will be stopped during deepsleep on
    • CPU: Process twist - root only
    • Night period: During this period, device is always in deepsleep mode

Notice: If your setting (ex. Wifi) is off, Deepsleep Battery Saver does not control it during deepsleep mode on

General settings
These settings apply on all profiles
  • Screen off delay: a short delay before deepsleep start. This option is used to avoid quick screen toggle.
  • Whitelist: Apps are always ignored when deepsleep on, such as online music player
  • Ingored recent apps: ignore recent launched apps
  • Use APN settings: twist 3G/4G/mobile data toggler
  • Check background data: If selected, it will ignore deepsleep mode if traffic is above a defined threshold
  • Traffic threshold & Traffic sampling frequency: sample traffic and compare to a defined threshold

  • By default, the app come with pre-configuration that can work well on most devices. Just toggle a enable/disable button to start/stop it.
  • "Custom" profile allows you to customize all parameters in order to fix with your special requirements.

☆ English
☆ Français
☆ Tiếng Việt
☆ català
☆ Deutsch
☆ español
☆ português
☆ 繁體字
☆ العربية
☆ Italiano
☆ 한국어
☆ norsk
☆ русский
☆ српски
☆ עִבְרִית (Hebrew)
☆ magyar (Hungarian),
☆ 日本語 (Japanese),
☆ română (Romanian),
☆ Türkçe (Turkish),
☆ polski (Polish),
☆ slovenčina (Slovak),
☆ português (Brazil)

Known issues

Check average battery life for your device:

Deep Sleep Community
Google Page:
Facebook Page:


Google Play download: Free, Pro


We released (13 December, 2012) this app on Google Play with Free and Pro version. The Pro version supports to fully customize "Custom" profile. A special version for XDA-ers also upload here in which works as PRO version plus future features


V 4.0.838
- Support Lollipop (root requires)

V 3.4
- Redesign UI
- Support xposed
- Nice power widgets and notification panel

V 1.9
- Changed User Present option to OFF as default
- Added languages: Danish, Greek, Finnish, Urdu
- XDA version (expired on 1 May 2013) - DeepsleepBatterySaver_XDA_Ver1.9.apk

V 1.811
- Extend expiration date (upto 1 May 2013) for XDA version
- XDA version (expired on 1 May 2013) - DSBatterySaver_XDA_Ver1.811.apk

V 1.81
- Fixed minor bugs
- XDA version (expired on 18 Mar 2013) - DSBatterySaver_Ver1.81.apk

V 1.8
- Fixed incoming call makes fail to rollback deep sleep mode
- XDA version (expired on 18 Mar 2013) - DSBatterySaver_Ver1.8.apk

V 1.72
- Fixed does not recover WiFi/data on some devices
- XDA version (expired on 18 Mar 2013) - DSBatterySaverXDA_Ver1.72.apk

V 1.71
- Fixed blank notification item
- Externalize User Present option (Settings > Deep Sleep > User Present)
- XDA version (expired on 18 Mar 2013) - DSBatterySaverXDA_Ver1.71.apk

V 1.7
- Change default recharge option, now the device always wakes up if on recharge
- Support to wake up only when screen unlocked
- Added languages: Croatian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Swedish
- More status bar icon set: Blue, Green (Pro)
- XDA version (expired on 18 Mar 2013) - DSBatterySaver_Ver1.7.apk

V 1.6
- Support Tasker/Locale plugin
- Edit send log and write log to analysis log good
- Support "Notification when battery low/full"
- Added languages: Czech, Indonesian, Burmese, Slovenian
- XDA version (expired on 18 Mar 2013) - DSBatterySaver_Ver1.6.apk

V 1.51
- Fixed 3g does not toggle
- XDA version (expired on 18 Mar 2013) - DSBatterySaver_Ver1.51.apk

V 1.5
- Support deep sleep whitelist apps
- Support force Airplane mode during night period
- Support toggle WiMax/4G (experimental)
- Support until screen on option in deep sleep frequency
- Support airplane mode for Android 4.2 with root (Android 2.1-4.1 does not require root)
- XDA version (expired on 18 Mar 2013) - DSBatterySaver_Ver1.5.apk

V 1.4
- Fixed discharge/recharge options issue
- Added 5s, 10s screen off delay
- Support to hide icon notification on status bar (only Android 4.1+)
- Added languages: עִבְרִית (Hebrew), magyar (Hungarian), 日本語 (Japanese), română(Romanian), Türkçe (Turkish), polski(Polish), slovenčina (Slovak), português (Brazil)
- XDA version (expired on 18 Mar 2013) - DSBatterySaver_Ver1.4.apk

V 1.31
- Fixed force close when clicks on widget
- Fixed no action when clicks on notification
- Fixed deep sleep when discharge/recharge options
- XDA version (expired on 18 Mar 2013) - DSBatterySaver_Ver1.31.apk

V 1.3
- Fixed notification icon bug
- Support to change notification icon (PRO)
- Support "screen on delay" feature (helpful if you phone is lagged when screens on or turn screen on to check time)
- Added languages: العربية (Arabic), Italiano (Italian), 한국어 (Korean), norsk (Norwegian), русский (Russian), српски(Serbian)
- XDA version (expired on 18 Mar 2013) DSBatterySaverXDA-Ver1.3.apk (buggy, download other version instead)

V 1.2
- Added languages: German, Portugese, Spanish, Catalan, Chinese
- Fixed bug on custom profile with GPS on
- XDA version (expired on 18 Mar 2013) DSBatterySaverXDA-Ver1.2.apk

Ver 1.1
- Notification bar enhancements
- XDA version (expired on 15 Mar 2013) DSBatterySaverXDA-Ver1.1.apk

Ver 1.0
- Many improvements
- Publish on Play Store
- Special XDA version (expired on 15 Mar 2013) DSBatterySaverXDA-Ver1.0.apk

Ver 0.91
- Refined permissions
- Download: DeepSleepBatterySaver_XDA_0.91.apk

Ver 0.9
- First release
- Download: DeepSleepBatterySaver_XDA.apk


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