Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Download Profile (right-click save as...)

Note: Screenshot is from tf300t, but the buttons are setup the same.

Left-Analog: Controls movement
Right-Analog: Controls aim
R1: Fire
L1: Scope Aim
L2: Grenade
R3: Crouch
L3: Sprint (hold), jump over covers
Circle: Action
Triangle: Switch weapons
Square: Reload
Start: Menu

D-pad: Each d-pad button will control swipe movement (i.e. d-pad up: swipe up). This is used for cut-scenes actions (note: only will work with straight swiping, can't recreate diagonal swiping, you will have to do it with your fingers)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition [Still unrooted/waiting for Knox 0x0)
AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3: Task & Ktoonsez AOKP Jellybean 4.3
NookColor 8GB: MiRaGe - KANG build of CyanogenMod

ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T 32GB: JellyBean Hydro 7.0 Liquid Butter (I killed the digitizer)

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Check out my Sixaxis Controller app profiles for the Samsung Galaxy S3