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Mmm... Only difference is that I checked "Use internal GPS"... I doubt that's the problem... Maybe one of my apps is conflicting with GPS somehow... Again, quite unlikely... but I'm running out of ideas here... I will re-install CM10 from scratch and give it another go...
I just can't understand what happened.

I re-installed CM10 from scratch (including proper factory reset and even formatted /system). Same issue. GPS icon never shows up in the status bar.
I did all of this once again, played a little with GPS toggle button and "Use internal GPS" setting, same story.
At that point, I was so frustrated I restored my official 4.1.1 (Orange FR) and GPS worked right away.
Then i re-installed CM10 (factory reset, formattted /system, ...) and now, believe or onot, GPS works!

I'm happy, but I can't figure out a logical reason for this. If anyone has an idea...
Motorola RAZR HD (XT925) running CyanogenMod 11.0 (3.0 kernel version aka JB BL / 3.4 kernel version aka KK BL)