Default [FIX] for latest Builds and Data connections Not working


For thouse of you using latest build 21040,21042 that have problems with dataconnections (bluetooth, wifi and 3g combinatios), USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.. I did it and works, but maybe does not work for you, For Security "Write Down the old values just in case you have to goback"

Steps to fix :
1.- Goto Communications
2.- Settings
3.-WireLess lan
4.- Menu
5.- Wifi
6.- NetWork Adapters
7.- On My network card Connects to: "The Internet"
8.- Select each of the network adapter that shows on the list
9.- Chouse "Use server-assignet IP Address, maybe you have to check also the "name servers" tap, they must be emptly
10 .- Do step 8 to 9 for each of te "Network Adapters"