Angry RE:How to Unlock/Root your padfone 2 A68

Hello Ivalex,

[EDITED] im unable to post outside link - the script has attached in this post. a google search 'asus-padfone2-root-tutorial' may finds my article

an amazing work, good job and thank for your kind sharing.

ive wrote a detailed article in chinese and made an auto-rooting batch script under windows platform.

just connect the usb cable, change some settings and one click ..

yes, it's really easy to get the root permission in minutes.

im not a professional coder, but with this script may helps someone

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Hello folks,

just wanted to share with you the subject. I'm not a developer, so I cannot go too deeply in the procedure below. what I can ensure is that is working on my personal device, Padfone 2 model A68, bought in Italy with stock firmware IMM76I.WWE_9.8.8.55-0.