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20th December 2012, 12:20 PM
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[WIDGET][ICS] NotificationBrowser v25
Here I present a program called Notification Browser. It will show a list of all received notifications and tries to extract the info and show it as a list. Also a widget is included. Tapping the notification should start the corresponding intent and tapping the garbage bin icon should delete the notification from the list. The idea was to be able to have a full screen launcher and even then having easy access to notifications.
For it to work, you need to go to accessibility settings and enable Notification browser.

Market link:

Settings and their meaning:

Widget Background: Allows you to choose the background from three not that different options.
Widget opacity: Allows you to make the widget transparent. 100% opacity means not transparent a t all. 0% means totally transparent.
Icon type: Allows you to choose between 4 different options for the icon. "Notification" means the small icon that appears in the notification bar. Application is the icon shown in the launcher for the app. Original means the original colors. Coloured means that it will use the "Color for notifications" value.
Use notification icon: Some notifications show a different icon when the notification bar is expanded, for example Gmail or whatsapp. The program will use this icon if available instead of the one set in "Option type".
Use blacklist: Filters the notification according to the blacklisted apps list. If an app is in the list, enabling this option disables its notifications in the widget.
Blacklisted apps: Space separated list of packagenames for the apps that are disabled when "Use blacklist" is set to true. You can add as many apps as you like using the package name.
Title text size: Text size for the notification title (What is shown in folded notifications).
Body text size: Text size for all the other text that is shown in unfolded notifications.
Only 1 notif per app: When an app adds a new notification, old ones are automatically removed if this option is enabled.
Show the clock. Will show a clock over the notifications.
Remove widget title: Will totally hide and disable the widget title and clear all notifications button.
Transparent widget title: Will hide but not disable the widget title and clear all notifications button.
Hide clock if there are more than...: Will hide hte clock when there are more than the selected umber of notifications. The clock will appear again when the notifications are cleared.
Swap title and subtitle: Notifications have a ticker text, that briefly appears in the notification bar. This is the title. Then they have the text that appears when you unfold the notification bar. Sometimes they contain different text. Enabling this option will exchange both values. I prefer to have this set to enabled, but you can choose.
Color for UI elements: Color for the buttons and title.
Color for notifications: Color for the text in the nofications, and the notification icons if the coloured option is selected in "Icon type".

Feedback is really appreciated.
I want to publish this on the market at some point and (maybe) add a premium version with extended theme support.

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible of any damage derived from the use of this software.
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