Just got my free moga controller, gonna try getting some profiles setup.

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Here is the profile for gta3 in non system mode:

Button A - 1
Button B - 3
Button X - 7
Button Y - 9
Start - Back
Select - 5
Left Shoulder - 4
Right Shoulder - 2
Left Stick dpad up - DPAD_UP
Left Stick dpad down - DPAD_DOWN
Left Stick dpad left - DPAD_LEFT
Left Stick dpad right - DPAD_RIGHT
Right Stick dpad up - I
Right Stick dpad down - K
Right Stick dpad left - J
Right Stick dpad right - L

Some of you might not like my set up. . You can always swap over some of the buttons to suit your own needs

I have more profiles for games like shadowgun, reckless racing 2, Paper racer, mini motor racing but I'm a bit short of time at the moment, will post again with other profiles when I have more time. .

Enjoy for now
Please post your profiles up

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