Okay, plasma packed into flashable zip file:
Original (old): https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BzZ...zlFbWpkeXVpRnM
January 9th 2012: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BzZ...FZ5ZzUzRHBZZlk

Flash it like any other ZIP file (using "Install" option in recovery, not in MultiROM menu). It requires 1.4gb of free space in internal memory.
The ZIP file is little bigger than usual, but you can install it from flash drive.

Plasma active itself is a bit slow. Also, after first touch, it goes to sleep and refuses to wake up using power button, you have to plug-in the usb cable to wake it. After that, it works okay.

I also created template ZIP file anyone can use to create installators for their ROMs, see https://github.com/Tasssadar/multiro...r-new-ROM-type (at the bottom).

EDIT: forgot to mention that something may not work because of my ZIP file, eg. I am pretty sure that the "goes to sleep after first touch" is caused by the way I packed this ZIP, and is not present if you install plasma active it as intended by it's developers.

EDIT2: This ZIP is made using this automated tool: https://github.com/Tasssadar/plasma_multirom_packer