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Now, who wants to port Chromium?
I'd be happy to send my *.libs and *.defs if that's allowed, would save you some time.
That'd be very appreciated. I already sent you a PM about that a few minutes ago, heh.

Already working on getting Synergy going, too.

Edit: Holy crap, tons of stupid version number checks, freaks out if it can't find VS2010. :|

More edit: TightVNC seems to only be requiring a few missing .libs to build. I've got to go for a few hours, but when I get back I'll see if I can come up with a script to generate .libs for all the .dll's that x86/x64 has .libs for. Then we can give that to people, and not worry about distributing potentially copyrighted .libs.

Even more edit: Benchmark in 7z (Compiled by Cotulla):
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