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I cant run dosbox on my device.(Chinese version)
I'm not sure what that error says, but did you put SDL in the folder too? Try the version attached to this post. I had compiled SDL in debug mode in the previous post, that might be the cause of the issues.

On another note, I got DosBox building with nothing but configuration changes to DosBox, I also got audio working in SDL, and replaced the CDRom and Joystick handlers with dummies.

Here's DosBox + SDL + SDL's .libs, I'll get the source for SDL posted in a couple minutes.

Edit: Here's my SDL project folder. DirectX isn't working, and I was lazy and left a hardcoded path to .libs in the configs, but it should be easy enough to remove.

The main changes I did was replace all the functions in the CDRom and Joystick files with dummy functions, comment out all the DirectX handlers with giant #ifdefs, and change the configuration around.
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