Default Step 3: Flashing Your New ROM!

Well, Step 3, that means that you chose a ROM and are ready to get down and dirty with your device (and about to kiss that ugly stock rom good bye). As with the flashing of any device, make sure that:

a. Your device has battery of 50% or more, else you might end up with a half flashed brick.
b. You have ActiveSync/Device Central in your PC.
c. That you read the steps below over and over and over again until you can repeat them in your sleep.

Make sure to follow every single step down to the T. I cannot stress this enough.

How to Flash Via PC: the attachment
2.unzip to your desktop
3.then in the newly created RUU directory add the rom of your choice - (copy the RUU_Signed.nbh to desktop\RUU)
4.Place phone in bootloader mode (power button while holding volume down button) the ROMUpdateUtility.exe
6.follow the RUU on screen instructions from there

If that fails please trying these directions (thanks sn0b0ard)

1. Establish active sync connection (this is the most important step).
2. Copy the RUU_signed.nbh into the RUU folder.
3. Run ROMUpdateUtility.exe and follow the steps on screen to flash ROM.
4. Once the phone reboots, go through Windows Mobile setup and let it finish.
5. Perform a hard reset (hold power, volume down, and center d-pad).
6. Complete the Windows Mobile setup and start using your new ROM!

Flash from microSD Card (Thanks to MadlyAlive):

1. Make sure you backup anything that is necessary to your day to day operations! At a minimum, please perform an ActiveSync to Outlook or your Exchange server prior to flashing!
2. Rename the custom ROM NBH file from RUU_Signed.nbh to RAPHIMG.nbh
3. Copy RAPHIMG.nbh to the root of your microSD Card.
4. Hold the Volume Down and Power button simultaneously. While you're still holding those 2 buttons, press the reset button with your stylus.
5. When your Touch Pro tells you to do so, press the power button to begin the flash process. If you do not get the message to press the power button to flash, there is a mistake in the name of the NBH file or you do not have the file at the root of your microSD card.
6. When flashing is complete, perform a soft reset.
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HTC Blue Angel
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HTC Vogue (Verizon Touch)
ROM: Froyo Android (NAND) by incubus26j
Radio: 3.42.50

ROM: YAS4 v9 by howpathetic (ICS 4.0.4)
PRI: 1.43_003

Sony Xperia T LT30p
ROM: Stock, 91.A.0.148 (Jelly Bean 4.1.2)
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Sony Xperia Z Ultra - GPE
ROM: Stock, Unrooted (KitKat 4.4.2)
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ROM: Stock, Rooted (ICS 4.0.4)

HTC One (M8)
ROM: Stock, unrooted (1.57.531.7)
Radio: 1.16.21331931
HBOOT: Locked (S-ON)

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