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is there a way to decreade this 15 minutes time?? to 5 for example??
I just found a way:

- install (need root)
- from the app open the file in /data/data/
- run this SQL query: update main set value=300000 where name like 'gtalk_%heartbeat_ping_interval_ms';
- commit the change

It basically set the heartbeat to 300000 ms, 5 take effects u have to stop Google services framework in settings-> applications->all, be sure to stop it..after that sevice start again(disable and re enable wifi or 3g ) the gtalk heartbeat should be 5 minutes, and u shouldn't notice delay in push notifications ( from the dialer compose *#*#8255#*#* and see if the gtalk heartbeat interval is 5 minutes instead of 15)

Anyway that change is not persistent, when you reboot the device u need to reapply it if u want or create an init.d script that run it at boot..I'm thinking to write an app in the next days if that works

I tried it and seems to work atm, I'm not responsible for any damages u can cause anyway

EDIT: Here an app that does all those steps automatically (need root)

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