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UltimaTIME : An ensemble of an astounding number and variety of analog clocks covering four categories and around 200 clocks - yes, that's right. This app is on an endeavour to provide stiff competition in the widget department combining quantity and quality in a perfect blend. From movies and sitcoms to games and logos : the coverage is optimized for today's trends : catering to minimalists, hardcore fans et al. Any design you want added? Its a breeze. All you have to do is open UltimaTIME in your app drawer and click the "Requests" button.
Suggestions, feedback and comments are welcome and encouraged. LogCats supplied when submitting a bugreport are highly appreciated.
Happy widgetizing that homescreen!
The free version has 60 clocks : 12 from each category.

In collaboration with : CorryRox

Credits and thanks :
GMG Analog Pack

Known Issues : Clock resets to first in the list after reboot