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I think i saw someone post this method before, but can't find it. So i post root method. Currently this method work on the latest Canadian OG firmware (Both E971 and E973). i did not make this method, i just find it from a chinese web. Here is the link

Here is the instruction.

1. Unzip the zip file
2. turn on usb debug and plug in the cable to pc
3. double click the root.bat
4. unplug the cable.
5. Turn off the usb debug
6. turn on the usb debug
7. plug in the cable.
8. Press enter until it root.
9. Done.
I really would have posted this much sooner, however, this particular method was being kept secret with the intention of the exploit still being available upon US Jelly Bean release. Since this has been outed, and is now public, i will share a more proper script of the same method. I actually kept the adb shell id command, as it is pretty useful for this operation.

Main differences in my script is that you don't need to ever disconnect your phone.

1. Unzip the zip file
2. Make sure USB Debugging is on, and your are in Charge only Mode
3. Run the CurrentRoot.bat, wait for the prompt
4. Change to MTP mode.
5. Wait for your computer to ask how to view files.
6. Press enter in the CMD prompt to continue.
7. Done.

This is a fully working method for the most current US/Canadian releases, and Jelly Bean releases. BTW, the current release does not install busybox correctly, includes SuperuserPro.apk (which I'm sure wasn't purchased by everyone downloading this). Also I have updated it to the latest busybox, su binary's, and Superuser.apk available.
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