New OpenPDroid patch release (v1.0.1) has been pushed to the repo. These build patches match the project repos *.openpdroid branches and is reflected in the latest Auto-Patcher release(v2.6.0) as well.

Fixes that are hopefully in order include:
  • Fix for the SMS problems (I don't have SMS, let me know)
  • Cache issues
  • Performance Issues
  • Much more.

The build patches have been updated in the OpenPDroid repos, for those so inclined. See the individual repos for the individual commits and write-ups.

Among the things we are still aware of yet have not fixed:
  • The Llama/Cell Tower bug
  • more?

But the performance and SMS were the big issues, along with the broken AutoPatcher patches, so hopefully this is an improvement. The Auto-Patcher v.2.6.0 (out in the Auto-Patcher thread) includes patches for CM10, CM10.1, AOKP 4.1.2 and 4.2.1, AOSP 4.1.2 and 4.2.1, Evervolv and SlimRom 4.2.1.

Within the Auto-patcher, ParanoidAndroid is not yet updated to OpenPDroid 1.0.1. I am building it now, so it should be soon. As always, please let us know your experiences, and feel free to file an issue on the issue tracker.
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