Default LBE Security Master v4.4.2868

Here's a quick compilation of an English apk.
Luckily not too many changes to strings in this release.

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Just got update notification for version 4.4.2868

LBE security guru V4.4.2868 update log
1. The repair package management interface occasional negative problems to
update to the latest the advertising sample library and the latest ad scan engine, to further improve the ad identification and interception rate
. Added scan and recommended software list advertising and pop ads blocking feature
. traffic monitoring floating window can now be placed on the notification bar
. repair abnormal power consumption and SD maid
6. improved networking firewall will not affect phone assistant class software connectivity
. The notification bar management can directly control all software
. added a key
9. the repair virus scanning software crash shield risk advertising
10. attribution to update to the latest version of the February 1, 2013
11. fixed in the latest version of MIUI V4 the firmware active defense problems that can not be turned on