Plug V3.0.1B up!

Hey folks, this release was a mad rush!

What's new you ask?


That's right, you don't even need root....

1) Go to the Play Store and update your Google Search application
2) Go to the Android Voice Search Settings and download the English offline recognition files
3) Reboot
4) Switch your device to aeroplane mode and try some commands!

The offline recognition is not as accurate of course, but it still does a pretty good job. It also seems to improve with usage too, which I don't really understand the possibility of...?


In the Power User settings, there is a shutdown button, which kills the app, turns it off permanently and releases the memory resource. If it works ok, I'll add it in as a command and external intent to use from Tasker.

Bug fixes and speed improvements

Nothing worth mentioning, but I hope you are noticing the app getting snappier and snappier....

Right, I think I best have a 20 minute nap...

Grab the release from the Play Store!

EDIT: Added apk as an attachment for those that don't have access to the Play Store - If you do, please do download it from there so I get automated bug reports. Thank you!
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Tasker: The Ultimate Noob/Beginners Guide

Latest BETA Build Here: V1.1.7B

utter! Latest Play Store Build Here: V3.1.1B

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