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I wanted to know which is the best android build for HTC HD2 ?

I presently use tytung's ICS 4.0.4.

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You've been here long enough to know that there is NO 'best' or 'fastest' ROM. It's subjective and the answer varies from user to user. I think the easiest thing to do would be to quote myself here:

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Hey, what's the best colour?
What's the best food?
What's the best phone?
What's the best song?
What's the best movie?
What's the best car?


Seriously, I'm getting really tired of these best ROM threads. There is no correct answer, and yet you people still create them. All that happens is that they're closed by a mod or they turn into 10 post spam threads where new users open old threads to post questions in the dev forums. If you just wanted the ROM most people use then why not look at the thread view count and post count?

To quote PG101 (I think) 'coming to XDA and asking for the best ROM is like going into a bar full of drunks and asking what's the best drink'.

I wouldn't have posted this if you had admitted in post #6 that you're wrong through Marvlesz and Kameirus's pure logic, but you've somehow tried to justify posting an idiotic question which is quite annoying.
If you want to have a read through the full thread, here it is.
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