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This is the X926, the Verizon version, so I am unsure if that will work that way for me. Also I cannot edit the APN. I can add a new one, but I cannot edit the ones I have. Any suggestions? Anyone on verizon got this to work willing to help?

I am coming from the Samsung fascinate, which i rooted and played with custom roms with for the entire life of the phone. I was able to get the Rzr Maxx HD two days ago without loosing my unlimited data. After reading through this and other forums I have two questions still.

1) Is it possible to do a wire tether or mobile hotspot with the RM HD without rooting?
2) How much different is rooting a motorola phone versus a Samsung?
** For clarification, I never had any reservations about going deeper into development tweaks and custom roms with my samsung because I was confident I could always return it to factory stock

Thanks in advance all