So I just did the long method to remove my tampered box(RUU and all). Following the instructions it took maybe 45min total, and most of that was the RUU. I also used the Regawmod program and the plugin the OP made to make a 'stealth' bootloader(it says Locked, S-ON, and no red text). I was going to include the hboot/bootloader image the program spit out for me in this post, but thought better of it. Instead I have a question to ask, would my Unlock_code.bin work on any OneX(L) that is super CID or is it only good for my device? I am asking because I am debating on making a zip for the OP to put in his post that will include the 2.20 RUU, my bootloader, the twrp recovery image, and my unlock token(if it would work on any super CID phone that is S-OFF) if not that I will just provide the other stuff to be put in the 1st post at the OP's discretion.
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