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I've several issues. Twice my phone won't wake up had to pull battery. #2 I had issues random reboots. I was transferring app to SD card and rebooted. Few other activies. #3 Sometimes when I reboot my phone I get a message process system not responding . no o/c I had it set up 200/1000 smartassv2. Anyone having this issues . thanks

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try to do a full wipe and let everything stock. I haven't any signs of reboots or SOD.

For the message "system process not responding", it is caused by gapps (googlebackuptransport.apk more exactly). We will update them for next release. If you need an immediate workaround, try to change googlebackuptransport.apk in /system/app/ from a recent gapps .

EDIT: just wanted to add that that message doesn't affect anything in daily use.
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