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25GB is from Tethering the rest is from my phone...

What is there NOT to understand.....???

LTE I`m not throttled, sometimes It is And I just restart my phone and its back! Greensboro NC I was throttled on LTE, But Raleigh, Wilmington nc I was NOT throttled and same for Greenville SC. HSPA+ I`m ALWAYS throttled after 5GB BUT I always use the wap.cingular APN and I`m not longer throttled.
And your not on a tethering plan at all? And you're on AT&T service right..
If that's truly the case then, hell yeah enjoy it bro. I'm thinking it's because your on a international NOTE 2. And that's why they can't catch it. Interesting, what, wap.Cingular apn setting you referring to. Can you post a screen shot of it. Tnx

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