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And your not on a tethering plan at all? And you're on AT&T service right..
If that's truly the case then, hell yeah enjoy it bro. I'm thinking it's because your on a international NOTE 2. And that's why they can't catch it. Interesting, what, wap.Cingular apn setting you referring to. Can you post a screen shot of it. Tnx

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NOPE AT&T Phone, Don`t have the international one anymore, I`ve always tethered since I`ve had AT&T in 2011 and mostly been on AT&T phones.

And to the person Above, I USE A LOT OF DATA! Only PC`s. I ONLY tether really if I`m traveling which is rare been been a couple 1000 miles this month. But usually I only tether at one Location and I`m there 3 days a week cause the other Option is using there Satilite internet and THATS not happening lol, so I have 2 computers and a phone usually connected to my tether and the speeds are only about 3-4 megs on HSPA+ service is horrible no LTE in my area. But when I`m at home I hardly use Tether unless my internet goes out as I have a 25meg connection at home.

Also a LOT of the data this month is from YouTube, Within an hour in the car it used about 2GB in JUST Youtube Videos from my Friend using to for music hooked to my radio.
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