sure here you go Walkman V, i made alittle mod my self in the build prop i changed


it used to be 255, so i though that would change it near cd quality since a wave bit rate is 1411, i don't know if that what that was for but it sounds good to me.

i have my Sound Enhancements to:
User-defined 1
400 - +7
1k - +5
2.5k - +6
6k - +5
16kHz - +7

Clear bass +1 or +2 (i have that low b/c i have a sub in my car, i usually change it to about +6 if i am listening to with my beats

Surround sound VPT - Studio
Clear Stereo - Checked
Dynamic Normalizer - Checked.

majority of my music files are FLAC for the albums i listen to the most and others i use 320kbps MP3 or 400kbps M4A

what are anyone else's settings