04-23-2013 - Update (RootPlus)
* Removed option to install Hashcode's 2nd bootloader, for safety reasons. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Hashcode's 2nd bootloader. The risk lies in recent updates from Amazon.

03-19-2013 - Update + bugfix (RootPlus)
* Fixed issue with 2nd bootloader install - everything works as it should now
* Added timestamp to saved partitions. Gives users the ability to save more than one set of partition images

03-18-2013 - Update: (RootPlus)
* Changed how 2nd bootloader is installed for compatibility with the KF2
* Added ability to update custom recovery. No need to update the script every time a new recovery is released.
* Added ability to choose partition images to be installed if more than one set exist in the BACKUP folder
* More intuitive restore of saved partition images - will hopefully prevent any chance of user error

03-16-2013 - Bugfix: (RootPlus)
* Fixed issue with permissions on the rootplus script

03-10-2013 - Update: (RootPlus)
* Added extra safety measures, including MD5 check on 2nd bootloader install

02-23-2013 - Initial release