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23rd February 2013, 11:47 PM |#4  
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Originally Posted by jammicphi

Need help deciding what tablet to get I currently have an iPad 4 retina 64gb, and I like it but have come to the conclusion that I only like it because the apps are optimized for the tablet screen, have the note 2 and love it and want the same experience on a tablet instead of waiting around for a jailbreak to get somethings that I can do on an android tablet. I like to play video games and the moga or plug in an Xbox 360 controller is a plus for me widgets and all that fun stuff I like. The choice of tablets that I'm considering is the Asus transformer infinity with keyboard dock or the nexus 10 leaning more to the infinity because with the keyboard dock it can replace my laptop with splash top connecting to my Mac mini it is a laptop at all times. Things that concern me is screen resolution, and tablet optimized apps any help is much appreciated.

Originally Posted by JOSE89178

Sounds like the Nexus 10 would be best for you.

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Except for the fact that the Nexus 10 has a) availability issues and, more importantly, b) quality control issues that seem even worse than with the 700. You furthermore do not get the added battery life because of the powered dock, and less storage options. Why do you put forward the N10?

More on-topic, though: it really depends on preference, as Thats OK already said. I really do like the battery-powered dock and the extra oomph that gives -- I have a relatively long commute and irregular shifts, so it pleases me a lot not having to recharge every 12 hours, or whenever a wall socket is available somewhere. The screen resolution is fine -- I happily read technical (medical) books and articles, for which the radiographs, charts and stuff all come out really nicely, and even the private reading is a pleasure (text is crisp, contrast is good). The movies and documentaries or TED talks I regularly watch are great, too.

Nah. I'd pick the TF700 if it came out now if I had no other options. However... and we also discussed this last week -- you really should use the serch function, you know -- someone I forgot the name of mentioned that soon a bunch of new models of several brands will be announced soon, and it might be prudent to wait it out a bit. You might shoot yourself in the foot when buying into an aging system, no matter how well it performs. Then again, in tech, there's always something better just around the corner, and if you wait, you can wait forever.

Good luck deciding!