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This Rom is awesome. My only issue is that After two days use, my market only shows 3 of the 5 sections and i can only see about half of my apps in the installed section under my apps. And when i search for some new apps, Most do not show up. For example, When i used to search for cm 10.1 themes, There used to be multiple pages with alomst 100 themes. Now when I search for the same thing, only about 15 themes pop up and its only 2 pages long. Any fixes? Thanks
Sometimes the Play Store can show many apps to be incompatible because of the DPI settings and hybrid engine. A data wipe will fix it. If you want to fix it without a full wipe, clear data for ParanoidPreferences, Google Play Store, and Google Services Framework. Then go into hybrid properties and set everything to stock 360dpi and phone UI. Reboot, and check if the Play Store works again. If it does, then you can go and set you Hybrid Properties again.
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