The problem I see is that, as you say, these people don't know what they're doing and want the information handed to them.

I've never seen a post get a BAD response when the person clearly outlined their problem and explained what they already knew and why their research wasn't getting them anywhere.

The people that DON'T make posts like that need to do some research - not just have the information thrown at them for their own good. Think about if you just gave someone information on how to build and operate a bomb without them knowing how it worked and how to do it safely. Sure, they're probably not going to lose fingers - but they could brick an expensive device and it's kinder to give some tough love and pointing in the direction of research, knowledge, and understanding before they make a mess that they can't get out of.

In the words of H.P. Lovecraft : "Do not call up that which you can not put down".
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