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For some reason, I can't change keyboard types. I prefer swift key, but as soon as I check it to enable, it unchecks it when I leave that screen. I can confirm swift key worked in previous versions.

EDIT: fixed keyboard issue. Clear cache and data, force close, reboot. Not sure what happened but it worked

On a side note, the jelly bean flip screen is missing from the day dream options. I liked that screen when I charged. :/

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Hey, question.... how come sometimes, if I remove an app/game using Titanium Backup, the phone soft reboots? Happens through all builds. Is this hurting anything? Should I be concerned? Just a thought, doesn't happen all the time.

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I don't think this is limited to titanium. Sometimes when I install or uninstall from the market, this happens. And when I choose install, I get a soft reboot, but the app installs just fine after the phone boots.

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