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12th March 2013, 02:36 AM |#2  
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Release history:

A video overview of the latest features is available at:

Version 5.5.1 - Task notifications
New features:
- Google Tasks notifications
- Refreshing indicator in weather widgets
- Data error indicator in weather widgets
- Support setting to reset update jobs
- Yahoo weather removed (their API is broken)

- Lots of update job scheduling fixes
- General fixes

Version 5.5.x - UI and updating refresh
New features:
- Digital clock style (Android 4, 5 or 6)
- Lots of UI design cleanup
- New back-end services for updating widgets
- Ability to hide the header separator
- Show Low/High temp icons (Standard weather style)

- Play store reported crashes

Version 5.4.x - Read it later & Reddit
New features:
- Select multiple news providers for news widget
- Reddit news provider
- Read it later via Pocket, Twitter likes or Feedly Save for later
- Show task list name in widget title
- Material design News List and Article viewers
- Toggle All and Unread by tapping News viewer title
- Add, rename or delete task lists from picker
- More Month view calendar configuration options
- Replace now-defunct Yahoo placefinder API by Yahoo places
- Share Chronus with friends via Google App Invites

- Play store reported crashes
- Center watch face when weather disabled
- Calendar header separator color override
- Calendar event layout not changing
- Chronus Wear clock centering if date hidden
- News feed not hiding read items
- General Extensions fixes
- Updated translations
- Use JobScheduler for better Doze mode support
- Add support for more rss encoding headers
- Too large weather icons break forecast dialog

Version 5.3.x - Android 6
New features:
- Android 6.0 (M) permissions support
- Chronus Wear interactive watch face (Fitness, forecast)
- Google Fit support for Chronus Wear
- Simplified Chronus Wear weather configuration
- Make the title clickable in News widget
- Update Mexico RSS news providers
- More control over date abbreviation
- ATOM support for RSS viewer
- Per clock Time zone configuration (Pro)

- Use material design location icon
- Use new OpenWeatherMap api introduced Oct 19th
- Calendar settings crash when setting up notifications
- Russia Today news source
- Samsung layout text alignment
- Weather notification settings
- Missing refresh icon for Clock+ (Forecast) widget
- White on white mono Icon set preview
- Permissions crash when restoring month view widget on M
- Small Samsung layout tweaks
- News feed title alignment
- Day abbreviation in date (French)
- 'Tomorrow' tasks showing 'Next week' on Saturday
- Several performance enhancements

Version 5.2.x - Google Tasks
New features:
- Google Tasks widget
- weather provider (requires own key)
- Samsung-like inline clock and weather layout
- Option to set News source as widget title
- Set AM/PM bolding
- Make Due date clickable in widget

- geolocation not working
- Task widget icon and text color selection
- General bug fixes

Version 5.1.x
New features:
- Configure the display of the Hours leading zero
- Set News feed sort order
- More material dialogs

- Custom RSS deletion bug
- Make selected city delete button easier to tap
- General bug fixes

Version 5.0.x - Twitter and more...
New features:
- Twitter news provider (Pro)
- Clock+ (Weather) widget
- Weather 'In-line with clock' alignment (Pro)
- Ambient light support for Daydream
- Switched to DashClock API 2.1
- Setting to update news via wifi only
- Expanded extensions in Daydream

- Set a fixed height for forecast items
- Navbar transparency
- Fix %s problem
- Fix disappearing extensions bug
- Don't wake the device to update news

Version 4.10.x - Font sizing
New features:
- Android 5.1 support
- Change the font size of widgets and Daydream
- Set font size per component
- Allow Lock screen font size changes
- Facebook support ending notice
- Chronus Wear companion config activity

Version 4.9.x - Chronus Wear watch
New features:
- Chronus Wear watch face (Pro)
- Android Wear notifications (Pro)
- Extension support for Daydream
- Charging indicator on battery
- Reworked notifications UI
- Calendar notifications
- Updated app icons (Thanks to Rinke-Jan Schaper)

- A few Play store reported crashes
- Flex Analog resizing

Version 4.8.x - The Lollipop guild
New features:
- Android 5.0 (Lollipop) support
- 'Materialize' all the things
- Show the Week number
- Updated layout calculations

- Weather extension not updating
- Month view Calendar titles wrapping

Version 4.7.4
New features:
- Semi transparent analog clock styles
- 'Materialize' the add functionality

- Calendar disappearing bug
- Add additional location fields
- RSS source sort order
- 'Add extensions' dialog not dismissing
- Make re-showing the help overlays optional

Version 4.7.3
- Updated Hebrew RSS sources
- Fix internal viewer article scaling
- General reader fixes

Version 4.7.2
- Available extension tracking
- World clock text shadow
- More day/night icon mapping fixes

Version 4.7.1
- Day/Night Icon overrides for forecast panel
- Clock+ widget centering if no world clocks enabled

Version 4.7.0 - Around the world
New features:
- World clock support for Clock+ widget (Android 4.2+)
- Built-in Weather and Next alarm Extensions
- Color overlay for 3rd party Icon sets

- Improved Play Store Pro check
- Displaying of larger weather icon

Version 4.6.1
- Add missing weather code mappings
- Override day/night weather icons if needed

Version 4.6.0 - Right to Left
New features:
- Support for Right to Left (RTL) languages (Android 4.2+)

- Better night time weather icon handling
- No more ghost unread items in flex widget extensions
- Updated translations

Version 4.5.3
New features:
- Weather Underground provider (requires user supplied API key)

- No battery icon at < 8%
- NPE if IAP is not available
- Activity navigation for DayDream
- Event Tap action enabled state
- Cropped images and text in collapsed extensions
- Divider not a solid color on Sony devices
- Uninstalled Extensions still counting towards standard limit

Version 4.5.2
New features:
- Option to hide declined events

- Disappearing Extensions bug
- Expand Extension click area

Version 4.5.0 and 4.5.1 - Extensions!
NEW features:
- Support for DashClock Extensions!
- Built-in Gmail, Missed Calls, Calendar and Text Messages extensions
- Dash and Clock+ (Dash) widgets
- Enhanced Flex widgets (Extensions)
- Dynamic Battery % icon

- date/timestamp fix
- Yahoo PlaceFinder fix
- Better text sizing and more consistent layouts

Version 4.4.1
NEW features:
- Many, many updated and new translations

- Proper leading zero display for 24 hour clock
- Better text shadowing (for light backgrounds)
- Light popup dialog sometimes showing as dark
- Calendar day-of-week positioning
- Fix text wrapping when high temp > 99 F

Version 4.4.0 - A new look
See for screenshots

NEW features:
- Updated app look and feel and icon
- Change pop-up window style and info icons color (Pro)
- Help and new features walk-through

- Better weather update handling
- Many updated and new translations

Version 4.3.3
- Fix flickering calendar bug

Version 4.3.2
NEW features:
- Added the Change log (in About)

- Fix notification text alignment on Android 4.1.x
- Other small fixes

Version 4.3.1
- Reversed high/low forecast temperatures

Version 4.3.0
NEW features:
- Switched to a database/content provider for News and Weather data storage and retrieval. This is not user visible but things are much cleaner in the back end and overall performance should be improved.
- The Feedly provider now includes thumbnails

- Notifications get triggered on manual update if persistent is set
- Persistent notifications no longer dismiss when tapped
- Updated translations (AF, IW and RO)

Once again thanks to +Jorge Ruesga for contributing the content providers code and to all the translators for their work in keeping the languages up to date.

Version 4.2.0 - Backup and Notifications
NEW features:
- Status bar Weather notifications (Pro)
- Backup and restore widget settings

- Use Google's Geo lookup instead of OpenWeatherMaps's, if available
- Help text scrolling
- Minor bugfix and code cleanup
- Updated translations

Version 4.1.1
- Updated 7" and 10" tablet layouts for Month View calendar widget
- Update the current day/month in the Month view calendar on date change
- Calendar resizing in Standard style widget
- Better multi-day all day event handling
- Facebook widget refresh hang
- Updated translations

Version 4.1.0 - Facebooking...
NEW features:
- Facebook news provider (Pro)
- Month view Calendar style and Tap action toggle (Pro)
- Sharing in News feed article view

- Fix location lookup in e.g. Japan.
- Fix weather cache handling on connection failures
- Fix icon and text overlay color handling
- Performance improvements
- Updated translations

Version 4.0.5 to 4.0.7
- New provider (The old geoname service was too unreliable)
- Allow Clock+ upscaling on Lock screen (with warning message)
- Fix Calendar hang on refresh and icon disappearing bugs
- Bug fixes and Performance optimizations
- Fix Calendar refresh bugs
- Updated translations (AF, DE, IT, IW, RO and SK)

Important note to existing users:
The re-written version of the weather provider replaces the old Geonames location service with the Google Maps location service. As a result of the change in location provider, existing users using a Custom location will need to re-select the Custom location(or switch to using network location).

Version 4.0.1 to 4.0.4
- General bugfixes
- Flex (Analog) and Clock+ (Forecast) Clock Tap action
- RSS Finder clicks not working
- "Loading weather" indicator not going away
- Properly encode Feedly content that may contain spaces
- Allow disabling of Calendar event taps (New feature)
- Slightly smaller weather panel layout to better fit some screens
- Slightly enhanced small widget layout to not wrap with battery %
- Fix Left/Right weather panel condition text ellipsis
- Updated translations (AF, IT, DE and ES)

Version 4.0.0 – Dreaming of News in Norway...
NEW features, General:
- News widget
- Weather widget
- Daydream screensaver (Pro)
- Clock+ (Forecast) widget (Pro)
- We removed the 'vclouds' and 'modern' icon sets to reduce the app size by over 5MB. Now available via the Play store (Free)

NEW features, Clock:
- Show Battery percentage
- Analog clock styles: Standard and Classic (Pro)

NEW features, Weather:
- Weather layout styles: Standard and Classic
- weather provider
- More weather info (sunrise, sunset, humidity, wind etc.)

NEW features, News:
- Feedly support (Pro)
- RSS source searching
- Internal viewer for 'Go to article' action

Version 3.5.0 - "Extra Extra, read all about it ..."
NEW features:
- Integrated News Feed Reader (Flex widget)
- Calendar colors (Pro)
- "Do nothing" Clock Tap action (Pro)

- A few layout and padding tweaks incl. a slightly larger Calendar font
- Several new languages and updated translations

Our thanks go to +Jorge Ruesga for contributing the News Reader feature.

Version 3.4.2
NEW features:
- Analog Flex Widget
- Custom color selection for all fonts
- EXPERIMENTAL! OpenWeatherMap Weather provider

- Fixes the Clock+ widget sizing on HDPI devices
- Translation updates

Release Notes:
OpenWeatherMap seems to have a bug in their geolocation API - they return different locations for the same coordinates. We have logged the bug with them but there is no committed resolution from them. As a workaround, if you cannot live with it, use a custom location.

Version 3.4.0 - Icons, icons, icons, and a widget ...
- UPDATED! Forecast widget now resizeable
- NEW! Clock+ widget
- NEW! Weather Icon Set selection with 2 additional Icon sets:
- vClouds
- Modern (Pro)
- Additional sets are available in the Play Store (Flat, Vista and Realism) and 3rd party developers can now add their own sets
- Almost all images refreshed
- Hex input field for color picker for more precise control
- New translations (Turkish, Finnish, Arabic etc.)
- Bug fixes
- REMOVED! - Analog clock

Versions 3.1.0 to 3.3.0
NEW features:
- Several new widgets added
- Per widget configuration
- Pro version support
- Widget panel Alignment, backgrounds, rounded corners etc.
- Additional weather providers
- Complete code re-factoring

- Too many to mention

Version 3.0.2
- Fix 24 hour formatting

Version 3.0.1
- Fix 24 hour format clock showing 24:00 for midnight
- Changing the temperature format (Use metric) refreshes weather to show C or F immediately
- A few updated Translations

Version 3.0.0
- Chronus is back ...
- Added support for Android 4.1.x
- Updated and new Translations
- Ability to display an AM/PM indicator on 12 hour clock
- A few tweaks and fixes

Version 2.2.6
- Updated and new Translations
- A few general fixes
- 'Today' time range for calendar
- Ability to hide the calendar icon
- Adds support

Version 2.2.5
- Fix clock detection - will now open either DeskClock or DeskClockGoogle
- Updated translations
- Localization fix

Version 2.2.4
- XXHDPI support (Galaxy S4 and HTC One)

Version 2.2.3
- Fix calendar icon showing when no events
- Optimize widget loading
- Updated translations

Version 2.2.2
- Use new Yahoo placefinder API URL
- Updated translations

Version 2.2.1
- Fix FC when using monochrome icons with an unknown condition code
- Updated translations

Version 2.2.0
- Highlight upcoming calendar events (NEW FEATURE!)
- Fix widget sometimes indefinitely showing 'Widget is loading...'

Version 2.1.1b
- Fix widget calendar display

Version 2.1.1
- Fix calendar icon visible when there are no events
- Default calendar lookahead is now 2 weeks
- Language updates

Version 2.1.0
- Add scrollable events list in Calendar panel (up to 10 events)
- Tapping event opens calendar at selected event
- Taping calendar icon opens Calendar at today's date

Version 2.0.1
- Fix FC when location services is not turned on
- Fix FC when yahoo weather returns invalid XML response
- Additional and updated translations
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