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18th June 2009, 04:00 AM
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## Ethical Statement ##
I feel this program has started to stir up a little controversy and I wanted people to know why i'm creating this.
Sadly enough the main reason i've created this is just because I could and because it seemed challenging and different and fun. I don't actually have anybody to spy on, nor would I want to.
I have this intalled on my own phone only and it can be used for various usefull purposes (more when i'm finished), such as retrieving addresses or phone numbers if I left my phone at home. Wiping sensitive information off if it was ever stolen or retreiving it's gps coordinates if stolen.
And then of course there are the many bad uses.
This is just a tool, it can be used for good or bad depending on the intent of the user. For me this is just an exploration of what can be done.
Although (to my knowledge) a program like this hasn't exist before. If not by me, it would be created by someone else eventually.
Not talking about or hiding and suppressing information about what can be done does not make anyone safer. In fact I believe it to be quite the opposite.
I will do my part after the creation of this program to create another program which can be used to help detect and stop programs such as these.
I will also release the full source code with it, for those who are curious or mistrusting. I am sadden to see in other web sites, that there are folk who are using my program to take a stab at XDA. Saying that the various developers here who are dedicating large amounts of time and energy into creating solutions, fixes and new forms of software (for free even), are without moral regard and nefarious. Also fears that ROMs are now not safe because they may be containing software such as this within it.
I would hate to attributed to giving XDA a bad name, we are dedicated to free software, information and exploration.
As mentioned earlier, I will release a ROM / PDA checking utility with full source code to quell these fears. In fact people will probably be safer than before for actually checking.
I don't condone mal-intented use of my program, as I said before it's because I can and it's fun.

<< Anti-Creeper Project now started as mentioned earlier >>
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