HTC One Camera, Sharpness Settings: (Camera > Image Adjustments > Sharpness)

This one for every lazy reviewer complaining about digital sharpness or aggressive edge processing/halos

here is a bit of true, it can be disabled completely with sharpness -2

It's been this way on every HTC since the original Desire

(thanks to Kaichu for the photos)

now the final results compared

Sharpness -2 setting

Sharpness -1 setting

Sharpness 0 default

sharpness -1 is a better compromise

for those who want clean authentic results (best for editing later) always go with sharpness -2

check sharpness disabled in full size here, beautiful picture quality

by the way the noise and shadow detail amount for this photo taken at sunset is excellent

This camera seems to give more authentic results than the the One X, reminds me of the famous Desire HD camera