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Could you give me a bit more detail on this? Or point me to a thread where I can read up and learn? I have zero experience with theming, other than using them. A little bit of step-by-step guidance would be very helpful.

use 7zip file manager in windows and open 1.2 on one side and 1.3 on the other

navigate into the framework-res.apk\res\drawable folder for both

copy the files from the 1.3 drawable into the 1.2 drawable folder (but not the zz...png files)

delete the 1.3 framework folder

copy the 1.2 framework folder into the 1.3 theme

use the up level button and back out of the .zip in 7zip file manager

resign the theme using the autosign package

see this thread for answers to any questions

load theme onto phone and update as usual.
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