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@ cyanogen: When/If you repo sync, are you using the donut branch now with your own custom kernel?
Still using the 1.5r2 branch as a base, and cherry-picking from the donut and master branches.

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An issue I keep having is the accelerometer stops working. No auto rotate on the screens or function in tweeter. If I wipe the phone it will work again, but then if I reinstall the nandroid backup - I get the same issue. So I have to wipe, flash the current CM Rom and just rebuild the homescreens. I thought it might be the HERO theme but have stopped using it and came across the same issue today.

I know a few other people had mentioned this and the wipe works, but I haven't had this issue before.

Any help is appreciated.
Try going into a terminal and doing this:
rm /data/misc/akmd* /data/misc/rild*
I don't think its related to the ROM, just that the accelerometer writes out a bad settings file sometimes.