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Greetings guys ,

I installed the drivers also on a new pc but i am getting stuck at :

* daemon not running . starting it now on port 5037 *
* daemon started successfully *

Nothing happens after , as i wrote i tested on 2 pcs

Any help pls ?

If you under windows 8

1st :
From the Metro Start Screen, open Settings,
Click "Change PC Settings".
Click "General".
Scroll down, and click "Restart now" under "Advanced startup".
Click "Troubleshoot".
Click "Advanced Options".
Click "Startup Settings".
Click [Restart].
Choose "Disable driver signature enforcement" (Usually #7)

Install device drivers either through the automated (not manualy use the : Install ADB Drivers.exe)


Run as administrator run.bat from motochopper

Normally this should work