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  1. Start fixOperaFlash.exe from inside Opera's root folder (press to continue if warning message for running Opera pop up), but don't deploy yet!
  2. Open Tools menu and check state of the "Push Internet" check-box:
    • If checked, remove the check-box and click [OK] on pop up message for restart!
    • If unchecked, run your Opera browser and exit it from Menu -> Exit -> OK
  3. Follow this procedure:


  • If your device is not included into "UAProf Device" list, this tool probably will not succeed (depend from your ROM). Check post #4 for more info.
  • Backup files are with .bup extension, inside Opera's folder. They holding Opera's default settings, before applying the Patch and you can restore them back whenever you want.
  • Full uninstall of the changes can be made from inside About tab -> button Rollback.
  • There will be light at the end of this tunnel! Times, when this application will be shrunken by more than 1.5MB

  • Q: Why I can't pass trough "Deploy Flash Libraries" screen?
  • A: Install (attached in this post) first, then run my tool.
  • Q: Already have installed, but I am still on "Deploy Flash Libraries" screen. What now?
  • A: Press again "Deploy Flash Libraries" button. Now uncheck "silent" and then uncheck "delete" (if appear) and try again. If you are still there, install \Windows\ manually.
  • Q: Is there any alternative method for "Deploy Flash Libraries", because I can't make it?
  • A: From Tools menu, choose Advanced -> Flash Package -> Deploy. Restart your PPC on all cost after deployment.
  • Q: Do I have to disable Push Internet and how exactly to do this?
  • A: Yes, just run my tool and disable Push Internet from Tools menu. After that, restart Opera and close it from Menu -> Exit and choose OK (to close Opera).
  • Q: My Opera is closed, but still have warning about running Opera! Is there anything I can do here?
  • A: Yes, just run Opera and close it from Menu -> Exit and choose OK (to close Opera).
  • Q: The libraries successfully deployed, but which settings to choose?
  • A: Leave "Safe Mode" checked, and register IEActiveX.dll (recommended)
  • Q: I can't register that IEActiveX.dll, because of disabled [Register] button. What to do?
  • A: Nothing. Seams that IEActiveX.dll is already registered, but you can check it in the "Registered Flash Library" (upper part of the main form).
  • Q: Why all check boxes from INI tab are disabled?
  • A: Because they are auto configured by "Safe Mode" checkbox.
  • Q: Why my [Restore] and [Fix It!] buttons are unavailable?
  • A: Your Opera path is incorrect (with RED background).
  • Q: What is wrong with my Opera path? I checked it and it is absolutely correct!
  • A: If your path is correct, then this tool can't find at least one of these opera.ini or axobjects.ini files.
  • Q: I have installed Opera 9.5 and 9.7 and I want to keep it in that way. Is there a way to modify them?
  • A: Of course. Start the tool and from Opera root folder, choose 1st path and [Fix it]. Repeat that step for 2nd path and restart.
  • Q: My Opera path is correct (with GREEN background), but [Restore] button is unavailable. Why?
  • A: Obviously, nothing to restore. Backup will be created on first [Fix it] on checked INI files.
  • Q: Is there a way to uninstall all changes?
  • A: Yes, from About tab -> [Rollback] button.
  • Q: Do I have to soft reset my device after the apply the this fix?
  • A: Yes, every time when pop up appear for that!
  • Q: My device is not supported. What can I do?
  • A: First, read post #4. Then if it isn't in list yet, don't choose device and proceed with [Fix it] button. Send back your fixOperaFlash.log file!!!
  • Q: What exactly means UAProf?
  • A: User Agent Profile:
  • Q: My device doesn't have UAProfs, but how to be sure?
  • A: Check this site, but note, that not all devices have UAProfs.
  • Q: My device is in the list(post #4) of supported devices, but I can't see it inside your tool. What can I do?
  • A: Download fixOperaFlash.ini(mirror) and overwrite your local copy inside \Windows directory. After that run fixOperaFlash.exe.
  • Q: Does this tool work with latest Opera builds?
  • A: Yes so far, but please share your experience.
  • Q: Does this tool work with latest stable Opera 8.65?
  • A: Opera 8.65 uses old initialization files, so it will not work with my tool.
  • Q: Does this tool work with latest Opera 10 betas?
  • A: No, while it doesn't support plugins. And don't ask me when. Thanks!
  • Q: Does this tool works with turned on Opera's Turbo Speed Preview?
  • A: No, there is a reason to call it Preview.
  • Q: Does this tool works on sites like
  • A: Sorry, not yet.
  • Q: The tool crash with this message: "An error message cannot be displayed because an optional resource assembly containing it cannot be found". Any ideas?
  • A: Please, install first this cab and after that install this cab file and start again fixOperaFlash. Send me back the new error message. Thanks!
  • Q: Doesn't work at all! Any ideas?
  • A: Sure, will try to help you. You need to use the feedback form, but don't forget to attach the files which I mention in it!
  • Q: How to...
  • A: Check "HOW TO FOR DUMMIES" and "HOW TO VIDEOS" again.

Lac of time, but will try to keep this up to date.
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