5.08.0 (07.07.2013)
- improve nandroid progress bar update
- fix recovery was not prompting when backup estimated size is larger than free space
- add ors backup support for twrp format requested by BillGoss
- ors backup: when no backup name is given, generate it using same way as nandroid operations (time stamp + rom name tag)
- support separated compiling for Loki patched devices (S4 AT&T and Verizon)
- i9505: revert some changes to fix time bug for some users
- Galaxy S4 US variants: repack around Audism stock JB 4.3 kernel v3 + Samsung exfat modules + revert use of mkefs for partition corruption issue
- fix missing break in set backup compression value menu (misc_nandroid_menu())
- misc clean up code
- sync latest sources

Hope it fixes the time bug for affected people, or at least, doesn't cause it for new users
It is same as 5.07.6 with just some bug fixes / improvements, as in log
It should fix potential signature fails when flashing cm packs
>PhilZ Touch Recovery: Main thread and Download links
> Support IRC Channel: freenode - #PhilZ-Touch
>Root ICS/JB for all phones: link
>CWM6 Temporary: i9100, n7000
>Busybox Uninstaller: safely remove +600 files
>Safe Wipe Data/System/Cache/Dalvik: i9100/n7000
>CF-Root in Stock Recovery: dead project