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"merge-to-ss-jb" is the latest source (MD1)?
Yeah, it's essentially the official Linux kernel source up to version 3.0.31, overlaid with a cleaned-up version of the 1st Samsung JB kernel release, then each subsequent Samsung Open-Source Release (latest is "#7") is overlaid on top of that. If you build the HEAD of that branch, you'll have a vanilla Samsung kernel as of XXMCD1.

Is it alright with you that I base my kernel on your own kernel?
Of course! The entire Linux kernel is built upon Public collaboration; we all share from each other. My kernel has a few selected bits here and there from diverse places like CyanogenMod, Francisco Franco, Xstacy, the upstream kernel, Qualcomm, NVidia ...

I used to post my built kernel up in the ROM threads I used to use on my GNote, but someone complained and I don't really feel like being bothered with my own thread (don't have time for the inevitable newbie SPAM) so until if/when I do go "public" with it, the "kernel-forward" branch on GitHub is the best place to get what I'm running now.
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