5.10.0 (25.07.2013)
- reorganize Backup and Restore menu:
* remove stock CWM Advanced Restore function
* move choose backup format to Misc Nandroid Settings menu
- add Misc Nandroid Settings option to disable nandroid size progress
- nandroid size progress is now disabled by default for specific phones (i9505)
- merge cm-10.1 changes:
* remove useless Fix Permissions menu
A last one before taking a break for a few days
I am compiling it for i9505 and pushing the version I use for i9100
Should be online in a few minutes

>PhilZ Touch Recovery: Main thread and Download links
> Support IRC Channel: freenode - #PhilZ-Touch
>Root ICS/JB for all phones: link
>CWM6 Temporary: i9100, n7000
>Busybox Uninstaller: safely remove +600 files
>Safe Wipe Data/System/Cache/Dalvik: i9100/n7000
>CF-Root in Stock Recovery: dead project