Default back-ported to gingerbread

Thanks @rovo89, for great hack on app_process.
Now, I try to backported to gingerbread (api-10).

Update on 2014.03.18
Please do NOT contact the original author @rovo89 or @M66B) for support on the back-ported Xposed, nor XPrivacy.
For any issues related back-ported, please contact me directly via PM, or post an reply with @liudongmiao.
And it's more encouraged to create an issue at the back-ported github project.

Update on 2014.01.06
As I have no time to update this thread.
For other modules, please install XposedGB Installer, and check in the Download Fragment.
And, I think XPrivacy and Xposed App Settings are good enough to install Xposed Framework.
For a xml verison of the modules, please visit

Update on 20140105
I have back-ported two module, XPrivacy and Xposed App Settings.
And rewrite Master Key Fix GB. You can get all in the back-ported XposedGB Installer.
If you find some module very useful, you may create an issue at
When I have time, I may consider to back-port it.

Update on 20140104
Now I have updated the framework through modified repository.
I cannot promise to update the the apk in attachments.

Update on 20140103.1
And as you see, the back-ported XposedInstaller is rename to XposedGB Installer.
Currently the repo for XposedGB Installer is pointed to a file generated from original repo.
I will check the result of the file, and keep gb-only modules. This is done every hour.
Currently, modules back-ported by me are not added yet, I will add them later.(Added them on 2014.01.05)

For the source, please visit below links, and please DON'T contact the original author @rovo89 or @M66B for following framework/module.
// As @rovo89 and @M66B indicated that those modifications won't be merged, and GingerBread won't be supported in their original versions.

I will keep back-ported and catch the upstream update for them.
For any feedback for back-ported xposed framework, please contact me or create an issue on the project.
For the back-ported xposed modules, please contact the back-ported contributer.
For other xposed modules, you may contact the original author, or create an issue at
(Please note, I don't have much time to back-port all of them, so if you find some modules are very useful, please add some comments, I will consider it has a high priority.)
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File Type: apk XposedGBInstaller-2.4.1-20140103.1.apk - [Click for QR Code] (1.16 MB, 11712 views)