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also, i'd assume replacing /boot/recovery.img with a custom recovery or just removing it would also prevent updates. not sure though, I also don't have a chromecast.

also, if you are feeling adventurous, try this: http://db.tt/Ja1XBNgH. if it works, you'll have the latest software, root, and no updated bootloader. if it doesn't work, you might be able to recover by using gtvhacker's image. no promises though, since I don't own a chromecast, I cant test it. Don't blame me if your chromecast quits working, explodes, kills your puppy, or hands north korea some working nukes.

@xuser your signature made me think there was an actual bug on my screen. I tried to kill it, but it ignored my attempts and kept crawling around under the glass
Just tested, it won't even flash. Thanks for trying tho!

EDIT: Actually I DD'd the image wrong. Just did it the right way, flashed it, and I now have root (woo!), except it still reports as build 12072 in the build.prop
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