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31st August 2009, 07:33 PM |#17  
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Software review:
HORRIBLE! As stated, on the old Dash1, I have been using the XDA-Developers ROM image for quite some time, and LOVE all the features and functionality available. There are a lot of gripes [and a few good things] with the T-Mobile ROM but overall it's a FAIL!

NO IMAGE EDITING! (WTF!?) That's right! You can't crop, resize, or rotate your images any more, a function that has been available since 2006 and WM5!! A 2nd level T-Mobile support rep was even baffled on this one, as we spent more than 30 minutes poking and prodding around to find where it could be done. I used to have a nice cropped image of my sexy girlfriend on the home screen. Now I just have her face. That means that 1. You can't edit a photo before sending to someone and 2. Taking a picture and then applying as your wallpaper requires a PC with Activesync so you can a) copy the image to the PC, b) edit it to 320x240 size, etc c) copy back to phone, and then d) set your wallpaper. RIDICULOUS!

NO MORE ICS (Internet Connection Sharing/tethering to PC) They have chosen not to include the ability to tether your phone to a PC, so you can't take advantage of the 3G data rate and browse on your laptop, with datacable, bluetooth or whatever. This is a big deal for me, as I am often on the road and make regular use of ICS to get things done on my laptop.

Telenav requires a monthly fee of $10 just to use GPS, hell no! This is a big disappointment. Call me cheap, but I don't feel I should have to pay monthly just to use GPS navigation, especially considering the GPS service is free (don't count your taxes). It's just a program that interprets the maps and calculates a route. Charging a small fee to register the program is reasonable, but a monthly recurring charge? That's preposterous. They did have the decency to include Google Maps, however, which redeems this issue thankfully. It works pretty well and despite my pissy attitude towards the Telenav nonsense, I'm happy to say that you can now use GPS on your dash!

They now group text and multimedia messaging together. This can be a blessing and a curse. It's nice because you don't have to manage multiple locations when cleaning up your sent/inbox/deleted items. It's troublesome because if you want to clean out your regular text messages guess what? You will end up deleting all the media messages at the same time, which at least in my case, I keep the media messages and just clean out my text messages regularly.

No inclusion of an Internet-based backup. I thought it was awesome that Verizon included the ability to backup and restore your contact list to the Internet, and also view that list through your online account. T-Mobile still doesn't include this ability, which is pretty sad in my opinion. You can use Microsoft's free MyPhone application to do this, but only if you're not connected to an Exchange server. I am using MyPhone, but can't backup my contact list online because I'm connected to an Exchange server. They should allow you to at least backup your SIM contacts, because many [including myself] use the phone for business and personal.

T-Mobile added an application that allows you to manage your account straight from the start menu. I found this be be very cool, and many will definitely enjoy it's usefulness, especially those that aren't on an unlimited plan and have to keep an eye on their usage and charges.

The problems with the T-Mobile release of WM6.1 are sufficient that I will be returning the Dash3G and sticking with my old one. The lack of [and simply removed] functionality is definitely not worth the extra speed. I really need the extra speed boost, especially for the many attachments I get as an IT Manager, but I can't get over all the shortcomings. I will keep the phone until this coming weekend, which will be just inside of my 14 day painless return period (you can return within 30 days, but they make you jump through legal hoops and become an ass hole to do it).

Finally, I would like to add that it is my firm wishes that XDA-Developers can come up with a Dash3G version of the wonderful Dash1 ROM image they made famous, and with which made undoubtedly thousands completely addicted to the Dash (not to mention saving them tons of money because of all the great features and applications included). PLEASE, if it's not trouble to convert the old ROM to be used with the new hardware DO IT! You'll have my complete gratitude.

I hope this is useful to some. Thanks from Justin Chandler.