Update 2.1.3b

Download update from here.

If you donīt have: Download Android-Shot V1 from OP or direct-link

Download libiconv and copy "libiconv2.dll" from libiconv-1.9.2-1-bin.zip/bin into android-shot/tools

Download libintl and copy "libintl3.dll" from libintl-0.14.4-bin.zip/bin into android-shot/tools

After downloading, delete all existing "*-universal.bat" and "Universal-Starter" from previous universal updates.
Extract update 2.1.3 into "Android-Shot" directory.

Run "1-Universal-Starter.bat" and follow the instructions.

Enjoy Leave a feedback

Changes in Update 2.1.3:
Only 3 batch-files needed!
Some "batch-code" update

Not getting asked for changeing mountpoints. Default = \sdcard (internal storage). 
Path set using recovery.ini & android.ini! Will be created on first start.
If you want to change your mountpoints to your microSD:

Please run the batch-files from a patch without spaces (e.g. C:\Android-Shot or D:\Android-Shot).

1. Run 1 Universal-Starter.bat

2. In menu goto "Page 2"

3. Choose "Change Mountpoints to microSD"

4. Enter Mountpoints...

5. your default mountpoint changed.
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